Project highlights: One Montage Cebu

Cebu city skyline is everchanging as more projects lean towards sustainability. One of the latest projecs pioneering this is One Montage .

It is LEED pre-certified Silver Category. The building has lesser operation cost and boosts employee productivity and retention. Saving water, resources, and energy, generates less waste, and supports human health. Cubesystem has been taped once more to make this vision a reality. The chalenge was to wrap the facade of the building with different textures of aluminim cladding and vertical greenery. The greenwall is designed with auto irrigation making it fully sustainable. The whole greenwall system is designed with swingdoors making it operable from the carpark for easier maintenance access.

Project name: One Montage Cebu
Architect : Arkinamix
L.Arch. SGS Designs
Skyrise greenery: Cubesystem

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