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tree anchor 1 - Tree Anchoring System

Tree Anchoring System

tree anchor - Tree Anchoring System

Cube Tree Anchor is the alternative to traditional tree stakes and guy wires used in tree

This system is suitable for anchoring root balled trees on newly built and existing planter boxes
and thru ground planters. This allows trees with limited space to be anchored at the initial
stages without requiring wide coverage of space.

Cube Tree Anchor consists of three high-strength steel anchor wires connected to concrete
base plates and a single-piece anchor strap for fast installation and is held down by the weight
from the surrounding infill soil.

Cube Tree Anchor is a compact and strong underground system that supports trees of up to
45cm in circumference and 7m in height.
Concrete supports engage the weight of the rootball and backfilled soil to anchor trees. This
mitigates the wind uplift by providing stability to the tree roots while removing the risk of
damaging the waterproofing system of the structures.

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