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Stormwater Harvesting

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Rainwater collection and managing scarce water resources in the urban landscape is a challenging and urgent task.

Disruptions to the hydrological cycle as a result of urbanization and reduced forest cover are having an adverse
impact on the environment. Heavier storms and an increase in storm water runoff over impervious surfaces cause
floods and erosion.

Pollution contributes to the deterioration of water resources. Together storm water runoff and pollution affect both
the quantity and quality of water available to the population.

Storm water management seeks to mitigate the quantity of storm water runoff, improve its quality, and channel
wastewater for reuse. In the process, the landscape may be beautified through greening.

Various governments have recognized the need for storm water management and started initiatives to promote
and implement them. In Singapore, the Public Utilities Board (PUB) launched the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters
(ABC Waters) Program. Australia has its Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUB); the United States has the Low Impact Development (LID) whilst the United Kingdom has its Sustainable Urban Drainage Design (SUDS).

An important element in storm water management is the construction of bio-retention areas integrated into
the landscape within built-up areas.

Landscape engineering such as turf and slope stabilization complements these efforts.

Storm water management products

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