Permeable Pavers

PERMEABLE PAVERS brochure e1586064565543 - Permeable Pavement

Cubesystem’s Permeable pavement / pervious pavers allows water to flow through its surface, these surfaces help ground water recharge by allowing water to flow into open spaces between the materials. Permeable pavements also filter pollutants and solids from the water as it pass through the surface. This pavement method does not just look good, it also contribute to our quest in saving the environment. Water that passed through these pavements can be collected to for a variety of use.

Benefits of ceramic pavement

-Reduce the temperature of the environment by approximately 4°C and largely reduces air humidity
-Reduces and delays storm water outflow
-Helps replenish the depleted ground water
-Made of at least 50%recycled content and does not contain any toxic components
-Plays a major role in rain water harvesting

Available sizes:

100x200x55mm (50mm/ 40mm/ 30mm)
200x200x55mm (50mm/ 40mm/ 30mm)
150x300x55mm (50mm/ 40mm/ 30mm)
300x300x55mm (50mm/ 40mm/ 30mm)