Encompassing both rooftop greenery and vertical greenery, skyrise greenery seeks to add a new dimension to integrating greenery into our urban environment.

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Living green wall

The incorporation of green infrastructure into the urban fabric of our towns and cities is one of the solutions toward a sustainable future with nature. The basic concept is “thinking of building like trees” – able to produce energy, create habitat, cleanse and store rainwater that is both environmentally and aesthetically pleasing.

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Green roof

Green roofs are one of the many sustainable solutions that we specialize in. Our solutions for green roofs & sky-rise greenery offer not only architectural & biophilic design but environmental benefits as well. Amongst these benefits are reduction of cooling loads through better insulating and shading, reduction of a heat island effect, reducing greenhouse effort & the therapeutic effect on plants & landscape.

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Artificial Green wall

Cubesystem’s artificial Greenwall also known as an artificial vertical garden can be installed on any type of wall easily. Choose from a variety of geometric patterns, colors or more fluid forms to turn boring concrete walls into a piece of art. Our green walls look so natural and lush that you’d be surprised how these changes the atmosphere in your building providing people a warm, inviting feeling. These are also perfect for hiding air conditioning units, exhaust, and other equipment that makes building unattractive. We create garden-like, living spaces for commercial buildings, hotels, malls, hospitals, and even residential units – just about anywhere where green space is needed, and with a 7-year lifespan you can be sure your garden will stay fabulous for years.

Artificial grass

Cubesystem Artificial Turf is easy to work with as designers can choose to a wide array of turf products from sky-rise greenery to performance sports such as golf & soccer.

Our artificial turf can also be incorporated with silica sand infill together with a drainage layer and drain cell to be used for rainwater pre-filter systems for rainwater harvesting.

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Artificial Plants

Without the need for sunlight or watering, our Green Therapy solutions empower architects to integrate softscapes in places previously not possible, such as underground carparks, enclosed areas and spaces under staircases.

Composite Timber

Our composite timber decking is also known as WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite) is made from 95% recycled wood and plastic. It is also manufactured following an eco-friendly process without the use of harmful chemicals thus we are able to reclaim factory waste.

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Permeable Paverments

Cubesystem Permeable pavement, pervious pavers allows water to flow through its surface, these surfaces help ground water recharge by allowing water to flow into open spaces between the materials. Permeable pavements also filter pollutants and solids from the water as it pass through the surface. This pavement method does not just look good, it also contribute to our quest in saving the environment. Water that passed through these pavements can be collected to for a variety of use.

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Designer Pots

We are changing the way indoor plants are being housed by blowing up terrariums to a human scale. These planters are designed to fit any space and created to be sculptural design pieces. Each design is unique and hand-crafted specifically for each project. Our Designer pots are made from high-grade fiberglass with an internal metal frame. Depending on the design need, we also make GFRC (Geo-Fiber Reinforced Concrete) pots and both Fiber and GFRC pots can be used indoor or outdoor locations.

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Rainwater Harvesting

Stormwater management seeks to mitigate the quantity of stormwater runoff, improve its quality, and channel
wastewater for reuse. In the process, the landscape may be beautified through greening.

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No need for special lighting. They are ideal for dark spaces. No direct sunlight. Decorative light may be installed to create more sophisticated ambiances.


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Auto Irrigation and rainwater harvesting

With our experience designers, we are able to asses your project and give sound recommendation as per your project needs to help lessen the cost of maintenance and save water for future generations to come.

Architectural planning and Interior Design

Our intimate understanding of sustainable modern living allows us to create experience design that are both distinctive & inspiring.

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Skyrise greenery

Our capability includes a wholeistic overview from structural frame system, auto irrigation, rain water harvesting, external and internal lighting and proper plant care.

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Landscape Contracting

We take pride in every project we do as out team consist of professional architects, landscape architects and engineers whose experience in the landscape industry spans to more than a decade of dedication to sustainable architecture.