Green Architecture Advocacy Philippines

Many people are wasting water in places where they are abundant, cheap and highly accessible. High water consumption is somewhat proportional to enormous generation of pollution, thus wasting water has a significant environmental impact. But those with high level of environmental consciousness tend to use water efficiently not because it is hard to find and expensive but because they wanted to maintain their ‘Water Neutrality’. Being ‘Carbon Neutral’ is fashionable these days due to fear of the so-called ‘Clear & Present Danger’ from the effects of Climate

Change but being ‘Water Neutral’ is very far from popular, in fact many people don’t actually care until the faucet/tap stop dripping water.

Employing basic Administrative Controls for Demand Side Management on how to use water more efficiently and implementing Engineering Controls for the Supply Side Management to enhance sustainable water productivity is needed in the Philippines.

Green Architecture Advocacy Philippines, Inc. (Green AP), a non-profit organization promoting environmental consciousness in the built environment and “Sustainability For All” with CPD Service Povider No. 2011-006, held September 27, 2017, Theme Title: The WATER MANAGEMENT METRICS with Eng’r. ERIC RAYMUNDO

Cubesystem is proud to be part of Green Architecture Advocacy Philippines, Inc. (Green AP), with our very own Mr. Zaldy Andaya sharing on Water Management.

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