D+C Magazine Featured Architect Agullana

D+C Magazine has Featured Architect Rowland Agullana and Cubesystem onse again! The article showcased our finished projects as well as upcoming ones, and more importantly the message that we want to send to everyone – The need for renewable energy. Here’s a few excerpt from the July – September 2019 issue.

Arch. Rowland Agullana is the CEO of Cubesystem, an architectural firm that spearheads design solutions for building sustainability in the Philippines. Their sphere includes such disciplines as landscape engineering, rainwater management, auto-irrigation, green products and sustainable architecture. Employing practical and eco-friendly approaches, from green walls and roofs to wood/plastic composite timber, Cubesystem’s architects and R&D division think out of the box to address humanity’s growing carbon footprint.

It’s no question that the man leading their charge is just as impassioned with this cause. Arch. Agullana is advocate for action on climate change, and is dedicated with brainstorming new ways of channeling renewable energy sources. With fossil fuels dwindling and nuclear power being misunderstood, Arch. Agullana is tirelessly working on other avenues to meet a growing awareness of sustainable design. In his pursuit, he coined the term ‘biophilic design’ which is an approach and a guiding principle that “encourages mutual reinforcement between mankind and nature in an integrated architectural solution.”

Agullana and Cubesystem have made it their life’s work to make renewable energy more accessible for the private citizen. Commonly associated with massive undertakings in the geopolitical sphere, Arch. Agullana is positive that renewable energy can nevertheless be effective at a much smaller scale to great result. He illustrates a concept called the “heat island effect” wherein an urban environment is significantly warmer than surrounding rural areas. The main cause, he attests, is the buildings and structures that hinder proper air flow and generate waste heat. This constant consumption of energy further necessitates looking into more sustainable sources to ensure a more comfortable and tenable city life. “Climate change affects the world and everyone in it.”

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