Benefits of Green Roofs & Green Walls

Aesthetic Benefits: 1) Greener skyline2) Visual relief from urban environments“Plants can add visual interest to plain walls and roofs and soften the ‘straightedged’ features of industrial and commercial properties.” (Liesecke et al., 1989).3) Enhance architectural designs, create iconic landmarks in the city“A layer of plants can enhance good design or disguise bad design’ in buildingDevelopments.” Read more about Benefits of Green Roofs & Green Walls[…]

Collab by Sheraton RW manila

Sheraton RW manila has just opened the first co-working space in Asia pacific. Collab truly creates a new community of work space with its bold interior architecture of industrial steel, brick, wood & green textures. Collab is a great space to have a conversation over coffee. The modern industrial office design almost instantly transforms one’s Read more about Collab by Sheraton RW manila[…]

Project highlights: One Montage Cebu

Cebu city skyline is everchanging as more projects lean towards sustainability. One of the latest projecs pioneering this is One Montage . It is LEED pre-certified Silver Category. The building has lesser operation cost and boosts employee productivity and retention. Saving water, resources, and energy, generates less waste, and supports human health. Cubesystem has been Read more about Project highlights: One Montage Cebu[…]

Exquadra_Ortigas by Cubesystem

Exquadra Tower – A fresh breath of Biophilic Design in Ortigas

The Exquadra Tower is a 38-storey building at the heart of Ortigas. Designed by world-class architectural firm Arcquitectonica, It offers a variety of innovative and technologically advanced features and facilities that gear toward productivity, efficiency and sustainability. The interior designer consultant Goudie Associates has reflected biophilic design in the building’s common areas including the main Read more about Exquadra Tower – A fresh breath of Biophilic Design in Ortigas[…]

Life Finds a Way

Historically, the march of progress has always claimed some victims. The Industrial Revolution saw an uptick of pollution levels. Development in personal computers and smartphones has produced landfills of obsolete technotrash. Advances in mining have produced The first casualty of technological advance has always been nature. But we know better–we understand nature and technology can Read more about Life Finds a Way[…]

A Greener view

When the pace of life slows, people tend to become more observant. The recent announcement of the enhanced community quarantine was a necessary solution to stifle the spread of the COVID-19, and many Filipinos–me included–took it as an opportunity to stay at home, spend time with the family, and see the world pass through their Read more about A Greener view[…]

Cubesystem: Fabrication shift from Greenwalls to Sanitation booths

Bayanihan runs in the blood of Filipinos. We prove it once again as more and more of our kababayans try to help each other amdist this covid 19 pandemic in any way they can. From donating food, donating home made masks , and volunteering in any possible way we can. As construction takes a halt, Read more about Cubesystem: Fabrication shift from Greenwalls to Sanitation booths[…]

Proposed shipping containers to facilitate covid 19 patients as hospitals get crowded

Necessity is the mother of invention. In our world beset by the international crisis caused by the COVID-19 disease, one necessity is being made painfully clear: more medical facilities for the PUIs and COVID-positive. High-profile private hospitals are turning away patients. Public hospitals are left with no choice but to maximize every inch of space Read more about Proposed shipping containers to facilitate covid 19 patients as hospitals get crowded[…]

Green EDSA

As the government takes measures in response to the #COVID19 pandemic, we cant help but to think that the Earth is taking a break. As more people avoid exploring the city, there are less CO2 emissions from cars & other industries. We imagine the almost empty EDSA covered in vertical greenery the way it should Read more about Green EDSA[…]