Life Finds a Way

Historically, the march of progress has always claimed some victims. The Industrial Revolution saw an uptick of pollution levels. Development in personal computers and smartphones has produced landfills of obsolete technotrash. Advances in mining have produced The first casualty of technological advance has always been nature. But we know better–we understand nature and technology can Read more about Life Finds a Way[…]

A Greener view

When the pace of life slows, people tend to become more observant. The recent announcement of the enhanced community quarantine was a necessary solution to stifle the spread of the COVID-19, and many Filipinos–me included–took it as an opportunity to stay at home, spend time with the family, and see the world pass through their Read more about A Greener view[…]

Cubesystem: Fabrication shift from Greenwalls to Sanitation booths

Bayanihan runs in the blood of Filipinos. We prove it once again as more and more of our kababayans try to help each other amdist this covid 19 pandemic in any way they can. From donating food, donating home made masks , and volunteering in any possible way we can. As construction takes a halt, Read more about Cubesystem: Fabrication shift from Greenwalls to Sanitation booths[…]