September 2017

Climate Change

The most comprehensive video about climate change by Al gore.   [embedyt][/embedyt]

GantimPALA Awards 2017

Organized by Philippine Association of Landscape Architects (PALA), the even will showcase the Philippines most notable works in landscape engineering. As a Major Sponsor, is proud to be pat of this event. Here are your photo booth shots from this event. Dont Forget to like and share our Facebook page. [ape-gallery 2033]

Green Turf Happy Living Office Lounge

  Our Singapore partner, Greenturf has just remodeled their office lounge into a happy work space! Bringing in the biophillia hypothesis to their office, the lounge / meeting area feels like a hip and romantic indoor alfresco coffee and wine bar where designers and architects can meet and brainstorm. [ape-gallery 1827]

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