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green walls

We offer a wide range of living green wall solutions to architects, designers and builders who are in the same pursuit of a sustainable environment within the urban landscape.

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green roofs

Our solutions for green roofs & sky-rise greenery offer not only architectural & biophilic design but environmental benefits as well.

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Composite timber

Our composite timber decking is also known as WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite) is made from 95% recycled wood and plastic. It is also manufactured following an eco-friendly process without the use of harmful chemicals thus we are able to reclaim factory waste.

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Artificial plants

Without the need for sunlight or watering, our Green Therapy solutions empower architects to integrate softscapes in places previously not possible, such as underground carparks, enclosed areas and spaces under staircases.

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Artificial Turf is easy to work with as designers can choose to a wide array of turf products from sky-rise greenery to performance sports such as golf & soccer.

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Pro golf turf system

With the use of premium synthetic turf, our Pro Golf Series surfaces play like the real deal. Now you can put in the hours of practice to quickly improve your game at the convenience of your home.

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artificial green wall

Some locations where the natural green won’t thrive. Locations that has extreme weather conditions, too hot or too cold or locations where the water source is not available are not ideal for natural green walls.

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Urban farming

With the population growing massively by the minute, urban farming is the probable solution in efficiently using an unfertile land to address hunger.

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Permeable pavement

Cubesystem Permeable pavement / pervious pavers allows water to flow through its surface, these surfaces help ground water recharge by allowing water to flow into open spaces between the materials.

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designer pots

We are changing the way indoor plants are being housed by blowing up terrariums to a human scale. These planters are designed to fit any space and created to be sculptural design pieces.

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Rainwater harvesting

Stormwater management seeks to mitigate the quantity of stormwater runoff, improve its quality, and channel wastewater for reuse.

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Our moss has been carefully preserved to create a beautifully textured surface for indoor feature walls. The potential for design is limited only by the creativity of the people involved.

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Auto Irrigation

70% of water is wasted thru landscape irrigation and as sustainable design is the core value of our company, we have decided to make auto irrigation and rain water harvesting as an integral part of our services.

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Tree Anchoring

The annual threat of hurricanes & typhoons has meant that around the world, there is a requirement to provide additional above ground support to trees in exposed locations such as pool decks, raised planters and roof gardens.

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We have the most extensive range of waterproofing products to address your every project needs.

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Green roof & green wall peripherals

plant media, moisture retentions and other green roof and green wall systems for various applications.

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green engineering products

composite panels, level raising systems and other system to help engineers build a greener future.

Cubesystem offers design and build solutions that give a positive impact to the built environment. These solutions include sky-rise greenery, vertical gardens, roof gardens, rain-water harvesting, auto irrigation, recycled timber and plastic materials, permeable pavers for stormwater management and landscape contracting.

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