Real Green roof

As our population and urbanization grows, the need to recover green space is becoming more critical. Imagine if all building roof tops are covered with natural plants – this will reduce the negative impact we cause in our environment. Cubesystem and Uniseal® Singapore brings a variety of green roof systems to match your building needs.



Benefits of Real Green roof

Reduced Energy use – Real Green roof absorbs most of the heat from the sun, reducing energy needed to provide cooling.

Reduced Air pollution – Vegetation absorbs greenhouse gasses and air pollutants in the city.

Improved Human Health and Comfort – As green roof absorbs heat, human comfort is improved – reducing stress related to heat.

Enhanced stormwater management and water quality- Green roofs can reduce and slow stormwater runoff in the urban environment; they also filter pollutants from rainfall.

Improved quality of life- Green roofs can provide aesthetic value and habitat for many species.



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