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Rain Water Harvesting System & Smart / Auto Irrigation


Our Planet is 70% water but only 1% of our water is usable and 7.4 Billion of us are sharing this portion of our water. As population continually grows, with the increasing demand for harvesting natural resources. There’s no better time to start being mindful of proper management of water resource than now. Having in mind the future generation. It is a responsibility we all have to take. whether in our lifetime or the next, a legacy we all can partake.

Driven by our goal to save the environment, Cubesystem has partnered with Weathermatic® to bring Smart Irrigation and Rain Water Harvesting System here in the Philippines.

As the generation of smart application intertwines with our daily activities, technology offers a betterment in making our way of life more manageable than before. Providing leverage through landscape and related industries, Smart Irrigation offers a vast range of automation and support to cater to an ever-changing weather patterns towards becoming a “Smart nation”.

“We never know the worth of water till the well runs dry.” -Thomas Fuller