Cubesystem is an architectural firm that spear heads design solutions for building sustainability in the Philippines thru Landscape Engineering, Rain water management, Auto-irrigation, green products and sustainable architecture. This includes vertical green wall, green roof, natural and composite timber / Wood Plastic Composite, Designer Pots and permeable pavers. Our partners in innovation includes, Uniseal, Greenturf Asia, HKS Engineering and Trex USA.

Cubesystem advocates for action on climate change and is dedicated for healthier, livable communities by sustainable & BioPhilic design solutions.





“The Relationship between humankind and nature can be one of respect and love rather than domination. With our knowledge and senses of responsibility, we can create an environment that are ecologically sound and aesthetically rewarding.”  – Rene Dubos, The Wooing of the Earth


What is Biophilic Design?Cubesystem Office

The human’s  intuitive and deeply ingrained attraction to nature, and a biological need for contact with the natural world. And the approach that encourages mutual reinforcement between mankind and nature in an integrated architectural solution is call BioPhilic Design.


BioPhilic Design is not a passing trend.  But a practice that will become inherently more important in the future of design, interiors and architecture. This approach is going to be one of the guiding principles in our design industry.





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